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Cyber Safety

GCHQ have issued a report below which explores the range of cyber attacks, likely victims and preventative measures.  They have found that over 80% of businesses have experienced some kind of attack, via email, website or internet. Compromised websites can be used to send out spam or send traffic to competitor businesses.   In the short […]


How do I choose a good web designer?

We choose most services without a lot of thought.  We hire a taxi driver or a window cleaner without feeling the need to interview them first, and many specialist practitioners are chosen for us like an airline pilot or a surgeon.  It’s not that we don’t mind about the quality of service they provide, we just assume that it […]

Going Digital – In West Cork for West Cork

National Digital Week 2016, running in Skibbereen from 10th to 12th November, is fast approaching. Senior movers and shakers in the world of technology are scheduled to attend, but National Digital Week, and the Ludgate Digital Hub itself, is not just about major tech companies and big business. In fact, its main purpose is quite […]

Why should I promote my business online?

Firstly, that’s where your customers are.  Checking out goods and services on the internet is now the norm for the majority of consumers.  65% of people search online before making any purchase, 70% are regularly engaged in social media and 76% use email.   And now that facebook pages are no longer a viable business tool, a website is the only […]

What makes a great website?

This year I am privileged to be on the panel of judges for the Realex Web Awards 2015.  So in looking at these marvelous shortlisted Irish made websites the obvious question comes up – what is a good website? In the early days of web-mania the fact that you could make all singing and dancing websites meant that you […]

Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media

Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation There are so many millions of websites now that getting noticed is not easy. You will need to know the basics of search engines optimisation and how to use using social media like twitter and facebook and reddit if you really want to attract visitors to your website. SEO […]

How to make your own free website

There are many free website building tools, templates, hosts, and domains out there to start a website for free. So why don’t you?  They have their quirks and limitations, but most are excellent. Here is a quick guide to some of the best, reviewed and linked for you to try.  Read on. Where to start? […]

Top ten tips for getting visitors to your website

Search Engine Optimisation needs to be taken seriously if you want to bring a wider audience to your website.  There are three main areas to concentrate on – making your website visible to search engines, making your content attractive to your readers and circulating news of your posts far and wide.  There is overlap, but […]