Top ten tips to make your website content interesting

Whether you have a point to make, information to give or a new poem, you will presumably prefer to be read, so how? Nobody wants to read what is uninteresting or unoriginal or irrelevant- especially when there is plenty of competing material out there.  Whatever your subject, aim to be interesting, relevant and original. Here […]

Top Ten Tips for Using Twitter

Social media can bring traffic to your website.  Facebook connects you with people you already know, and a few of their friends – LinkedIn is great for building a network of like-minded professionals, but twitter can quickly reach the parts other social media can’t. It has an undeserved reputation for trivia. Used well it is […]

Restrictions of Responsive Web Design

With over 65% of searches now started on phones rather than desktops, websites need a format compatible with the smaller screen. Mobile versions usually feature a thumb-friendly drop-down menu and no sidebars so that the essential text takes centre stage. “Responsive” websites – available on content management systems such as blogger, but particularly promoted by […]

Getting Ireland Online

Current trends indicate that “the digital part of Ireland’s economy is growing at 16% per year, more than 10 times the growth rate of the rest of the economy”. The National Digital Strategy also found that while: ” Irish consumers spent c€3.7 billion online in 2012 at least 30,000 small Irish businesses do not trade online. For […]

6 great things Google Analytics can do

A website without visitors is like a book without readers. You want visitors not just to look at the cover but to read the whole book. Your website needs to attract the right kind of visitors and keep them reading. Google Analytics can help you do that. How? 1.Who is coming in the door? Google […]

Website Health Check

Is your website working for you? The real test of a website is: Does it attract visitors? Are they the visitors you wanted? Do they stay when they arrive? Do they visit the pages you want them to visit? Do they stay in touch? This comes down to a few critical things: Can search engines […]

Facebook vs Website

Who is turning to Facebook as a key online promotion tool?  Large promoters such as Carling have learnt that Facebook is where young people are, so where better to court them than on their home turf. Not only Carling itself but The Carling Cup now has a its own Facebook page. Why? Is it a […]