Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media

Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation

There are so many millions of websites now that getting noticed is not easy. You will need to know the basics of search engines optimisation and how to use using social media like twitter and facebook and reddit if you really want to attract visitors to your website.

SEO tutorial and starter package

For a flat 50 Euro we offer an SEO starter tutorial, and/or a tutorial in using email marketing and social media to learn how to attract the right visitors to your site.
The fee includes submitting your url for registration, essential SEO advice and tips on how to link, promote and maintain visibility for your site by accessing the major search engines.and using free social networking tools.
We will also set up a google analytics account for you and show you how to check the statistics on who is visiting your website, and which posts and pages interest them most.  These will help you to adjust the content of your site and your marketing strategy to best reach the audience you want.
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