How do you want your website to look?
What is your website about?
You might want a very spare and classic looking site if you are a
solicitor or therapist.  Or you might want to showcase your paintings, poems
or music in a more colourful setting.  If
you are writing a campaign blog you may want links to video or
news feeds that are relevant to your interest, and if the website is a
family record then it will probably be full of photographs and news.

It’s up to you, but we will give advice based on your needs if you are not sure what looks best!

Style and Colour
Think about the header, font and background style and colour which will determine the mood and impact of your website.  Choose classic fonts such as Times or Ariel and a  plain background if you have a serious message to convey, or something more elaborate or striking if you want to make a stronger impact or have an upbeat message to convey.

How wide do you want to make your site, and do you want to have a sidebar (extra margin of text and other gadgets down the side of the main page) or two, and any footers containing additional information below the main page.

You can also choose to have a fixed front page or add updates (blogs) with
information and articles to reflect your changing interests, news or

Gadgets and images
Decide what images and photographs to use to make the site more
colourful or interesting. You might also want to add video links, graphs
or other visuals. You may also want to add a range of feed gadgets such as news feeds, links to other websites and information sources, photographs or embedded video films or youtube.

Social Media
You can also link directly to your facebook and google plus and twitter accounts, and have a feed of articles or news from other websites or from your own twitter account

Here are the elements of a typical FastNet website


This site has a customised header, footer, page tabs, three side bars and a range of gadgets and photographs in addition to the central text page. It also has a twitter feed and news feed, and includes a logo and links to previous popular posts.
A gallery of other examples is shown on the Examples page.  Click on any of the links to see what is possible.  

Or if you are thinking about your text see the website content page linked here.