Building your website

An attractive, custom built header and tab bar

Themed colour, text and background to suit the site content

‘Home’, ‘Contact’, ‘About Us’ and four other linked pages

Photographs, text and images added throughout

Search Engine Ready

URL submission to search engines 

Metatags and Key words added

Domain name selection and linking

Google analytics and how to use it

Marketing your website

Publicising your website on social media

Linked e-marketing service

SEO and linking to social media

e-marketing and automated contact forms added

Copywriting and Photographic Service

Writing the content of your website for you

Five pages including welcome, about me and contact 

Photographs taken of your business/activity for website

Maintaining your site

A competitive updating service or

Instruction on how to maintain and update the site yourself.

Making more of your website

Online shopping cart and payment facilities

Video, Youtube links, artwork or music

Links and newsfeeds or other gadgets to connect with other websites and groups

Adding a blog or newsfeed service into your website